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Mother of one, attends Harvest Assembly Baptist Church, Alexandria, VA. Under the leadership of Pastor Dr., Johnnie L. Abram and Assistant Pastor, Velvet L Abram. I am currently a Minister in Training "MIT". I have served as a Sunday school teacher; ages 8-12 and the adult Sunday school. I participate weekly for bible study and Sunday school. For the last three years, I have been an active member on the Ebenezer AME prayerline located in Rahway, NJ. Under the leadership of Pastor, Dr. Marty Robinson, were I have lead the prayerline on many occassions in the absence of the Pastor and by his request, with a opening prayer, mediation, prayer request and closing out prayer. I attended and was baptized at Macedonia Baptist Church, in Arlington, VA. At the age of 17, I was invited to Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church, under the leadership of Alfred A. Owens, and Co-Pastor Susie Owens I eventually joined and became a member for 10 years. My grandparents did not understand me transitioning from baptist to pentacostal, but they did not stop me either. They knew .I was seeking God. As a child I have always loved God. I praised and worshipped as a child, I praised and worshipped as a teenager and I continue to praise and worship in adulthood. I will always remember looking up at the skylight every Sunday at Macedonia in amazement asking my grandmother, "is that where God lives?"

My famous quote I tell people at church all the time. "I'm a praiser, not a singer". Singing is not my ministry! Amen

"It's okay to laugh"😀

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