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Student Life

Devotional service will be held at the start of each class in each classroom.  Chaplain services will be held every first Monday starting at 7 p.m.    During this time the students and faculty relax from their busy day and studies and enjoy a period of meditation and inspiration.  Students are required to attend all devotional and chaplain services


Students must not have any more than two (2) absences due to sickness and no more than two (2) absences due to church activities and meetings per course in an academic school year.  If your attendance is required for church revival, service, meeting and/or other activities and you have used your two (2) approved absences, please have your Pastor submit a written statement requesting permission for your attendance to the Dean. 

Ministers who are obligated to preach a revival or any type preaching engagement which requires your absence from school and you have used up your two (2) approved absences, please supply the Dean and Secretary a copy of the "Letter of Confirmation" of engagement.  You will not be given more than two (2) approved absences per course in an academic year.  Please inform your Pastor of you attendance requirement.

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The academic program is emphasized because we desire to produce graduates who are thoroughly grounded in the Scriptures and who have well trained minds to discern between truth and error.  While seminary studies contribute formal preparation and training for ministry and service, an indispensable part of the training cannot be learned in the classroom and in fact, must be undertaken by the local church.  Church leaders must see themselves as having a vital and necessary role in equipping men and women for ministry.

Then in addition to the academic load, there are certain requirements in practical ministries.  Each student is expected to become a committed participant, of a local church and in the course of his or her time at the Wilbur Henry Waters School of Religion, Inc., and Theological Seminary, to be involved in its meetings and ministries.  Concerning this field work and training of the student, the Seminary sees its role as providing an administrative mechanism intended to assist and facilitate local church leaders in developing and discipline young servants of the Lord and in evaluating the progress of the development of their gifts.  It is a means whereby the Wilbur Henry Waters School of Religion, Inc., and Theological Seminary look to the local church for its input into the process of training.

Opportunities are provided for experience in a variety of Christian services under the guidance and supervision of the Board of Directors, Dean, and Faculty.  Opportunities may include representing the Wilbur Henry Waters School of Religion, Inc., and Theological Seminary in various churches on weekend teams during the school year; house to house and hospital visitation; Sunday Bible School work; conducting prayer meetings; hospital services; home Bible studies; preaching in churches, the open-air, rescue missions and penal institutions.  It is common for men and women to be engaged as student pastors of churches within easy reach of Washington, DC area. Some instructors may assign specific field work as needed for completion of their classes.  However, there are no specific hours or paperwork required for graduation.


Wilbur Henry Waters School of Religion, Inc., and Theological Seminary will follow the Prince George’s school closure schedule.  If the Prince George’s schools close due to weather conditions, then the Wilbur Henry Waters School of Religion, Inc., and Theological Seminary will be closed.  Please listen to your local TV/Radio station for information.  The school has allowed for five (5) bad weather days.  If there are more than five (5) days of bad weather during the academic year, days will be made up at the end of the academic year.

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 Our commitment to serve doesn't end after graduation. Our alumni are men and women who are making an impact in the world and who continue to be a vital part of our school's community. We are here to serve you by providing a variety of resources, including career and professional development opportunities.

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