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Explore our Degree Program

Wilbur Henry Waters School of Religion, Inc., and Theological Seminary provides a wide array of degree options to help you learn how to be a pastor or associate minister, grow in your current ministry, or prepare you for theological writing and teaching.
Our programs maintain a solid biblical theology and emphasis on relevant, practical application. Courses are taught on campus by seasoned practitioners. 

The Associate Degree in Religious Studies

is designed to provide training in understanding religious texts, deciphering scripture passages and applying religious teachings to the challenges of everyday life.  In addition, this 60 credit degree will provide students with teaching certification from the Evangelical Training Association. 

The Bachelor Degree

program is a 120 credit program designed to help you go deeper into the Word of God and gain additional qualification in current ministry position.   Current degrees offered are:​

  • Bachelor of Theology

  • Bachelor of Ministry

  • Bachelors Degree of Divinity

Masters Degree Program

is designed to program is designed to prepare persons for the ministry of the church as pastors and in related fields, including chaplaincies, Christian education, and staff positions within denominations. The Master of Divinity degree is the basic professional degree for clergy.  Fifty eight (58) credit hours are required. Three degrees offered are:​

  • Masters of Theology

  • Masters of Ministry

  • The Master of Divinity

The Doctorate Program

is ideal for those who serve the church in congregational or pulpit ministries, institutional or military chaplaincies, counseling ministries, missions agencies, parachurch organizations, or other ministry settings where advanced leadership skills are essential.   Sixty two (62) credit hours are required.  Degrees offered are:  

  • Doctorate of Theology

  • The Doctor of Ministry

  • Doctor of Divinity 

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