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Quality Education for
Dynamic Christian Life


​Evangelical Training Association:  WHWSR is a member school of the Evangelical Training Association (ETA).  ETA is an organization committed to facilitating kingdom growth through excellent curriculum and effective training for churches.


Devotional service will be held at the start of each class in each classroom.  Chaplain services will be held every first Monday starting at 7 p.m.    During this time the students and faculty relax from their busy day and studies and enjoy a period of meditation and inspiration.  Students are required to attend all devotional and chaplain services


As part of the registration process, new students are required to provide the name, address, and phone number of the following two references:  the pastor of the church of which the applicant is a member, and one Christian testifying to character and ability.  Reference forms may be sent to them by the Wilbur Henry Waters School of Religion, Inc., and Theological Seminary and should be returned by the students directly to the Wilbur Henry Waters School of Religion, Inc., and Theological Seminary Registrar.

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Wilbur Henry Waters School of Religion, Inc.,  and Theological Seminary has a rich history  and is second to  none when it comes to  providing quality Christian education--

hence our motto, “Providing Quality Christian Education for Dynamic Christian Living.”

We believe that the proof of receiving a good Christian Education is demonstrated in the lives of those who receive it.




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